Distorted Perceptions: a campaign to challenge myths and misperceptions about mental illness and addictions
Distorted Perceptions: Refocus and Look Again

Distorted Perceptions

a campaign to challenge myths and misperceptions about mental illness and addictions 

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Meet Bert. 
Bert lives with OCD, a behavioral health condition. 
He also lives with the stigma that comes with it. 
Watch how stigma impacts him and millions of others like him. 

Does learning that someone has a mental health or substance use disorder change the way you see them?

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1 in 4 Americans lives with a mental health or substance use disorder. 
Too often we focus solely on a diagnosis, reduce a person to a label, and view them through a lens of false assumptions. This is stigma. Stigma is a significant barrier to recovery. It undermines relationships and blocks 
access to employment, housing, even access to quality medical care. 

The Distorted Perceptions campaign challenges these preconceived notions about mental illness and addictions.
 Are you seeing clearly?

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