Distorted Perceptions: a campaign to challenge myths and misperceptions about mental illness and addictions

Distorted Perceptions

a campaign to challenge myths and misperceptions about mental illness and addictions 

It doesn't take long to make a difference, here's how you can help:
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Write a Letter to an Editor

You can write a letter to an editor to share your opinion, influence others, and rally support for an important cause. 

 Check out the following resources for some helpful tips:

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Contact your Legislators 

Be a part of changing the way people think and talk about

behavioral health conditions and help to shape new laws and policies that:

 1) don’t perpetuate stigma

                 2) can help reduce discrimination, and/or

                 3) reinforce an effective and respectful service system

You can contact them about the issue of stigma in general or you can do a little research and write regarding a specific bill that will impact the issue of stigma. Below are the sites to visit to find contact info for your legislators and as well as sites that may give you some background information on current legislation pertinent to this issue.

Do you have the passion to inspire change in your community? Make a difference. Take a stand. Become an advocate.

Contact your State Legislator:


Contact your National Legislator:



Annual Rally on Lawyer’s Mall

Maryland’s Annual Behavioral Health Rally on Lawyer’s Mall is organized by the Maryland Behavioral Health Coalition and will take place on February 28, 2017. At this event, advocates speak alongside Maryland legislators about the importance of affordable, high quality, recovery-based behavioral health services. 

Join us on February 28th 2017!


National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery


Mental Health Association of Maryland