Distorted Perceptions: a campaign to challenge myths and misperceptions about mental illness and addictions

Distorted Perceptions

a campaign to challenge myths and misperceptions about mental illness and addictions 


The Distorted Perception's initiative is a public education campaign that was created by the Anti-Stigma Project. 

The Anti-Stigma Project works to reduce stigma by raising consciousness, facilitating ongoing dialogues, searching for creative solutions and educating all participants within or connected to the behavioral health community, including consumers, family members, providers, educators and administrators. 

What We Do
The Anti-Stigma Project offers a series of workshops that challenge participants to examine the impact of stigma on both their professional and personal lives. In these workshops, the Anti-Stigma Project facilitates ongoing dialogues that enables participants to talk openly on a level playing field about attitudes, behaviors, and practices that are stigmatizing. Each workshop introduces new perspectives by stimulating thought provoking interaction -- interaction that breaks down traditional, stigmatizing barriers and deepens the understanding and awareness of how stigma affects everyone in the behavioral health community. 

To learn more about the Anti-Stigma Project and the workshops we offer click here.