Dually Addicted: Eating Disorders often Co-exist with Substance Abuse


The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), lists the following statistics on co-existing eating and substance use disorders:

  • 35% of people with substance abuse problems also have eating disorders

  • 50% of people with eating disorders also have substance abuse issues

  • 57% of men with binge-eating disorder have a substance abuse problem

“Recovery from an eating disorder is not easy. Unlike alcohol and drugs, where many people strive for total abstinence, individuals “addicted” to food cannot completely abstain from eating. They need to use food (their “drug of choice”) without over- or under-eating. But recovery is possible, and those who are recovering from substance use disorders can use the same tools to further their eating disorder recovery. A life free of alcohol, drugs and disabling eating disorders is available for anyone.”

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