You Can’t Always See An Eating Disorder


“When it comes to eating disorders, or any mental illness, the struggle is primarily internal. Eating disorders can cause weight gain, weight loss or they can have no effect on weight at all.  And all these eating disorder diagnoses are valid; one does not have to “look sick” to be struggling.

While some recovery journeys do include being underweight and then gaining weight as recovery progresses, not everyone can relate. In fact, some people might feel as though their struggles are not valid because they aren’t “as sick” or “as bad as” the person in the “before” photo. There is already such a stigma surrounding eating disorders and these transformation photos only tend to reinforce it.”

Click the “Source” link to access the full article from NAMI and learn more about Lexie Manion’s #FearlesslyFaceless and #BoycottTheBefore campaigns.