#YouGoodMan: Black Men Are Giving Themselves A Space To Talk About Mental Health

In 2016, Kid Cudi shared on Twitter that he was seeking treatment for his depression and anxiety. What began as a single post prompted black men across the internet to ask each other “#YouGoodMan” and share resources on mental health.

#SameHere testimonial: Jim Dowd

NHL hockey player Jim Dowd discusses his lifelong experience with depression and OCD and his family’s influence on his mental health. “I was mentally exhausted trying to fight the depression on my own. I also realized the effect it was having on my family, and that was making it worse.”

We're All a Little "Crazy" Campaign

This U.S.- based campaign was started by sports executive Eric Kussin to “normalize society’s perception of mental health and make it part of our everyday conversation.” Not only does the campaign provide a platform for personal stories through their #SameHere movement, but it also provides a list of Stress & Trauma, Active Release & Rewiring (STARR) Practices and resources. “Improving our mental health is not a “one-size-fits-all” process, however, by providing you with a list of therapies, you can research & choose the ones that work best for you.”



In response to Child Mind Institute’s #MyYoungerSelf challenge in May 2018, “actors, athletes, social influencers, businesspeople and more sent messages of hope about their experience growing up with a mental health or learning disorder.” Although their May 2018 campaign focused on prominent role models, their campaign continues today, including video responses from people everywhere!