"I Am/Was Homeless" - Mental Health and Stable Housing VIDEO

“After being homeless for a period of time, a homeless person gains a mental illness, if nothing else the depression or anxiety that goes with it... we stay exhausted physically because we’re exhausted psychologically and mentally.” Three Redding residents who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness shed light on the connection between mental wellness and stable housing. Watch this short, 8 minute video to learn more about their stories.

Facing homelessness | Rex Hohlbein | TEDxRainier VIDEO

In this TEDtalk, Rex Hohlbein gives some insight into the experience of being homeless. Rex is creator of Facing Homelessness, a nonprofit Seattle, Washington. The video is about 17 minutes long, but every minute is worth the watch! “‘When you live outside, it may appear that you are mingling with everyone else. But in fact you are not, you are separated out behind a giant Plexiglas divider, and the only people that you get to talk with are those who are also living non-normal lives behind the Plexiglas.’ And then it occurred to me- When we walk past someone who is suffering on the street without acknowledging them we are creating our own Plexiglas.”

Recovery Conversations - Trauma - Toni

Recovery Conversations - Trauma - Toni

The Anti-Stigma Project presents an interview with Tonier Cain. Tonier Cain is a nationally known consumer advocate and trauma expert, shares her compelling story of unspeakable trauma, navigation through a broken system, and her ultimate recovery.

Staff Sgt. Josh Hopper (Video)

Staff Sgt. Josh Hopper (Video)

Staff Sgt. Josh Hopper talks about how dealing with PTSD and addiction “like a marine” means talking to your commanding officer and receiving the treatment you need. “Being active duty, you’re branded as the tough guy… it takes real strength to swallow your pride and say I need help and actually get it.”

Depression as We Get Older – Darkness then Light (video)

“I entered a different place. It was like walking from bright sunshine into a darkened room, a room with no way out. My close family thought they were helping by arranging for me to move into a new house…when this made my blackness worse, they organized for medical tests to see if I was physically ill. I wasn’t. I was sliding down a well into a dark, dark place and I couldn’t help myself.”

Kids Talk About Mental Wellness (video)

A great video for children under 12 and their parents! Third grader Madison talks about her stressors, how she copes with them, and the stigma around mental health.

“I like it when my parents are excited about who I am and what I do,” Madison says. “Talking about my feelings helps too. … Saying things like crazy, dumb, and crybaby doesn’t help.”

Amy’s Story (video)

Amy’s Story (video)

“I ended up having to finish my grade 11 and grade 12 year in the hospital … a lot of people tell me to just pick up the food and eat it, but that’s not how it works [with anorexia]. I’ve lost too many friends because of all this. Running away from me wasn’t the answer … slowly integrating back into the real world is what got me better.”

Connor’s Story (video)

“For me, OCD came with a lot of stress. I stopped going to school entirely.”

“Stigma is the fear of being different … I’ve experienced it on a number of levels. I’ve been referred to as ‘one of those people a number of times.”

“If a teacher were able to spot someone with an anxiety disorder, being knowledgeable about that disorder would be extremely helpful.”