Criminalizing Pregnancy: Policing Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs In The USA

“Across the USA, the heavy-handed policing of pregnant women’s behavior is shattering patient trust in health services with devastating consequences. These laws put pregnant women in a double bind, forcing them to choose between risking their health and risking punishment,” said Carrie Eisert, Policy Adviser at Amnesty International, who authored the report.”

Drug Facts: Sex and Gender Differences in Substance Use

​​​​​​​“It can be hard for any person with a substance use disorder to quit. But women in particular may be afraid to get help during or after pregnancy due to possible legal or social fears and lack of child care while in treatment. Women in treatment often need support for handling the burdens of work, home care, child care, and other family responsibilities.”

Stigma by Association: Parents and Families of Individuals with Behavioral Health Conditions

We set out to explore the following questions: How does an individual’s behavioral health experience affect their family? How does stigma impact family members specifically? Can the stigma that family members receive cause them to stigmatize others? And what can families do to minimize the effects of internal and external stigma?

The Effect Of Mental Illness On The Family Relationship

While the stress and stigma of caring for someone with a mental illness can sometimes cause loved ones to develop Distorted Perceptions towards the person with the diagnosis, Healthy Place asserts that families can come together to move beyond their loved one's illness—not away from their loved one.